Japan Olympic Training Camp

Three Olympians from Japan have thanked everyone at NTGA for another successful training camp as they hope to carry their good form in to London 2012.

Masaki Ito, Yasuhiro Ueyama & Ayano Kishi enjoyed five days of double training sessions in Northampton before departing for the Olympic Village this morning, where they will complete final preparations for their trampoline events on Friday and Saturday (3rd & 4th August). 

It was straight down to business on the first day at Northampton Trampoline Centre, with a two hour session on Wednesday, in which the gymnasts re-familiarised themselves with the surroundings and equipment. Academy coaches Tracy Whittaker-Smith & Harvey Smith were delighted to accept an invitation to attend an opening dinner at Kings Park Conference Centre, where food was specially prepared by expert chefs to welcome the visitors. Three previous camps in Northampton meant the team felt very comfortable, and were able to relax effectively in between and after training. 

Throughout the camp Team Japan took time to meet, take pictures and sign autographs for members and parents. Everyone was very keen to wish Masaki, Yasuhiro and Ayano good luck in London, or even just catch a glimpse of them in action. Some members were lucky enough to jump alongside the Olympians, as many of the regular classes ran alongside the Olympic training.

The Olympic Torch also made a visit while Team Japan trained. They were very interested to hear about Penny Mitchell’s leg of the Torch Relay and have a chance to hold the torch itself.

The camp culminated with an Olympic Simulation on Sunday, taking the gymnasts through the same process as the trampoline event later this week. Everything stopped as they worked through their warm ups, qualification, and then final routines. A similar exercise was done last year on a previous visit.

After an exhausting day it was off to fantastic new facilities at Moulton College for a recovery session. A cryotherapy chamber was top of the list as this has shown to be more beneficial than an ice bath and replenishes tired muscles leaving them ready to train again. With the temperature in the main chamber at a staggering -139°C protective socks, gloves, masks, hats as well as elbow and knee protectors had to be worn. All three gymnasts reported a noticeable improvement in their aching muscles after just two minutes inside the chamber. The support staff also had a great time watching Masaki, Yasuhiro and Ayano brave the cold.  

Team Japan thanked everyone for showing their support and making them feel so welcome at NTGA once again.

We would like to wish Team Japan the very best in London and thank them for choosing us to host their Pre-Olympic training. 

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